On An On – Bad Mythology


As far as indie rock goes, this song is pretty bad-arse. It is an electro vacuum of multi-layered sounds, the core of which evokes machinery moving along a laser fed factory-line. Perhaps it is a factory of instruments being intermittently played and then passed on, clashing over each other to create a room of eclectic sound. The drum and synth lines create a sexy undertone, with the raw guitar overlays really bringing the edge.

I admit to having had a recently remixed (by The Hood Internet) version of their single The Hunter on high rotation of late, so was surprised to hear the heaviness of Bad Mythology, one of the new songs from On An On’s debut album Give In. But surprised in a good way, as it shows the diversity of what is shaping up to be a band to watch. I just hope this Chicago and Minneapolis-based group decide to head down under so we can get a live fix of the album.

Give In is available through Roll Call Records, and you can purchase a plethora of album versions and stream it in full here.

Words by Katie Mayors

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