Odesza Live in London (with Slow Magic)

odesza live

Never have I experienced such euphoria at a live show without chemicals racing through my grey matter and veins: Odesza live are next level rapture.

‘Hey, we’re Odesza and we’re gonna play some weird music,’ the boys declared as they took to the stage for a sold out Sunday night show at The Electric Ballroom in Camden.

After a two year wait to see them live I was practically peeing from my eyes with excitement. I’d taken a bunch of friends with me who’d never heard of Odesza, but trusted my judgement. And a few beats into the first track the smiles on everyone’s faces were so wide it was hard to tell where one ended and the next began.

Odesza don’t play what some people call ‘real’ instruments in their show, but that’s where their faultless, flawless talent lies. There are no other producer(s) out there now that can match Odesza’s finesse. When Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight make music together and play to a crowd they become unstoppable alchemists and the chemistry they produce is impossible to emulate.

The crowd were whopping, woo-ing, whistling, dancing like it was Friday night of a long weekend. But that’s the beauty of Odeszaa’s sound. With such a heady mix of melodies, bass, beats and samples, it’s impossible to pin an appropriate genre, day of the week or hour of the day to their magical music.  Odesza have broken ground in the electronic scene and their sounds take the part of your brain that gets its kicks from music somewhere new entirely.

They closed their set by inviting Zyra (vocalist of their most poppy track Say My Name) to sing live. Which was a great way to close to the show, but it seems as though fans of Odesza were there for their beats not vocals.

Mills and Knight describe their music as weird, but I think wonderful is a better word.

Missed out on seeing them? They’re playing a second London show on Dec 3 at Birthdays in Dalston. TIckets here.

Slow Magic was headlining the show bringing with him his tried and tested toms which never fail to get a crowd jumping. His remix of Odesza’s Say My Name went down like chocolate covered sex.  Did you miss our interview with him?

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