MINI Australia are having their biggest model launch in 10 years, to celebrate they’ve teamed up with Vice to throw a bunch of parties  around the country throughout May.  I’ll start by saying the NSW RTA and I have never gotten along, I do not technically have my drivers license so I’m not sure how appropriate it is for me to rate the car itself. I do however love me a good party and this one is looking like a cracker!

Three words: Interactive dance floor. Yep when Mini aren’t making cars they are making dance floors. Presumably  similar to Dance Dance Revolution on steroids.  Melbourne Artist/Muso/general cool cat Darren Sylvester has been recruited to create a dance floor that will react to its dancers. The REPEAT button team are practicing our foot work already.

Providing the tunes for the night Melbourne producer duo Naysayer & Glisun with some help from Animals Dancing, Pelvis, Mitzi and Sydney favourites Astral People.

If we have sold you on it follow this link and you to can be there.

Words By Amie Mulhearn


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