Maya Jane Coles – Easier to Hide


Can someone please clear up for me whether Maya Jane Coles likes boys or girls? Because if its the latter I’m certainly willing to jump the fence and get sticky in the land of fem for a while. Seductive and swirling, deep and moody, Easier to Hide is honey dipped techno at its best.

Irrevocably the girl brings a sexiness to Techno that only a woman could bring, it’s a melded softness that in no way jeopardises the gorgeous deepness of her music. Easier to Hide is the musical equivalent to good foreplay and Coles has released it under her own label, I Am Me as a perfectly timed teaser to her next full length album which is due out in 2013. Vocals roll from one extreme to the other ; deep, growling and chant like to a lifted feminine sweetness. The juxtaposition of tones stretch through to the foundations of the track too with the relentless throbbing bass, tipped with lightly tweaked, trebly, techno notes. Perfectly intertwined and moulded together it’s easy to see why Maya Jane Coles is so often dubbed ‘Queen of Techno’.

Download Easier to Hide via Beatport here.

Words – The Other Jess

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