Mark Ronson – Leaving Los Feliz ft. Kevin Parker


From Uptown Funk to far-out, man. Ronson’s latest chunk of musical genius takes funk into the psychedelic spectrum, twirls it round, spanks it’s ass and most definitely gets lucky.

With the flexibility of a five year old gymnast, Ronson catches the underground on Uptown Special after his mainstream number one smash Uptown Funk. Which let’s face it, is the best number one the UK has seen in years. Without giving a frisby of a fuck what’s popular, Ronson yet again delivers an album that’s a pastiche of past, present and future. The Guardian are streaming the whole shebang so stop what you’re doing and check it out. Or just revel in the genius of Leaving Los Feliz featuring Kevin Parker of Tame Impala right here. And don’t miss the bass line in Daffodils. Daaaaang!



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