LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Help Me Out (video)

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The talented little bastard has done it again: have you heard this?? Czech out the video for LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s latest gripping single Help Me Out from his upcoming album Post-Nature, due to grace us on Friday 15 August via Yes Please / Remote Control.


Currently on rotation at Triple J and Sydney’s FBi radio stations, Help Me Out is the single that has catapulted LUCIANBLOMKAMP into the next echelon of musical notoriety. The track exhibits Blomkamp’s swift growth as an electronic musician, augmenting his melancholic, chilling rhythms into something danceable. “It’s definitely the most lively track I’ve ever made,” said Blomkamp.

The sax solo at the end of the track (by Robert Glaesemann) demonstrates Blomkamp’s penchant for originality. This innovation expands into his live set, where you will see him accompany his beats with a guitar and violin. There aren’t that many electronic musicians that can make standing in front of a laptop interesting to look at, but Lucian pulls it off.

LucianLUCIANBLOMKAMP @ Paradise Music Festival, Photo by Chris Le Messurier

What’s more, this single is just the tip of the iceberg. Help Me Out, and his soon-to-be-released album Post-Nature, is his old shit. “I have a lot of unreleased material,” said Blomkamp. “I’m not sure I’m able to say when any of it will be released, though. Seeing as Post-Nature hasn’t even come out yet it’ll still probably be a fair few months until this new work is heard. I’m sure there’ll be a few more things that pop up here and there before the end of the year though.”

Mark our words: watch out for this one.

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Mr Blomkamp is playing with Silent Jay and Rat & Co. on Friday 8 August at Abbortsford Convent in Melbourne. Get there. Hear the mixtape of the aforementioned acts below.

Read about and download his 2012 EP, LUCIANBLOMKAMP.

Words by Iain Excellent

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