Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – Daily Night Euphoria EP


Blow the dust from the album artwork, load the cassette and press play. Daily Night Euphoria could well have been recorded in the 80s by some seriously cool dudes with futuristic vision. Distorted, crackling beats flow from their spooly home – and even change speed as the tape sticks every now and then.

If there is a meaning behind this mouthful of eight syllables Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza, then I’m afraid I am unaware of it. They’re either from Brazil or South Korea, which is confusing. But their music doesn’t speak of the troubles these countries are experiencing. The Plaza people have no time to fight; they’re too busy lying down, tinkering with analogue sounds and not worrying about a thing.

Daily Night Euphoria embraces the technology of years gone down and manipulates it to sound like the future of surreal chill. LVP have created their very own genre.

Freedownload from bandcamp.


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