Letherette – Letherette


Do you remember when music used to be categorised as dance or rock?  Perhaps it was never quite as crude, but it wasn’t too far off that level of genre-by-number basics. Over the past few decades, genres have evolved like human language. From rudimentary grey matter capable only of primitive grunting, into advanced learned beings communicating in thousands of different tongues.  Just like words, new genres are popping their heads up daily.

Letherette have built on this philosophy of musical evolution and produced an album of such depth and diversity, you’d think there were more than just two heads of ideas involved. This duo from Wolverhampton to not want to be labeled as anything other than music producers. But I’d like to extend that label very talented music producers.

There self titled debut is an organic mass of nu-disco, old-disco, electronica, glitch,  house, beats with elements of pop. If you were going to label them, it would have to be on a very long piece of paper. Fresh outta the early 2000s – that classic sound of dance music, but with the edge of tomorrow that genres like glitch and trap have sent our way. It’s fun, it’ll make you wanna dance and you need it in your life. Especially the openers, After Dawn and D&TBuy it!

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