Jagwar Ma – The Throw


On the colour wheel of music Jagwar Ma heeds neither rule nor suggestion. The Throw is just the type of genre-less, genre eclectic tune that captures the fleeting attention spans of audiences with its innovativeness at every twist of sound.

The Throw was produced by Jagwar Ma which is the collaborative effort of Gabriel Winterfield, Jono Ma and Jack Freeman. With varied musical backgrounds; Ma from the Lost Valentinos, Winterfield from Ghostwood the three producers use their culminated musical backgrounds to create a track layered with nostalgia but rich in originality.

The Throw oozes an effervescent and infectious energy which is like a blissful assault on the consciousness. It splits, fragments and seamlessly folds into a million bite size pieces of musical confetti, each square, haphazardly thrown represents one of the many colourful influences explored within. As the track unfurls it feels like you’re flicking through a jukebox as you try to pin point the sounds you hear; one minute it’s high pitched, wavering vocals, the next its 90’s inspired techno, psychedelic pop, pulsating tribal or raging indie electro and on it goes til it comes to rest firmly in the sweet realm of ambiguity.

Download The Throw via itunes, here.


Words – The Other Jess

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