IYES – Glow


A favourite from The Great Escape last week…

Like The xx, who found their genius in writing love songs essentially about the beauty of love, but tinging them with a sadness powerful enough to make you weep, IYES strike a similar chord. Less minimal and more anthemic, and (in my humble opinion) better. There was nothing new to be found in The xx’s second album. If anything it was a little annoying – like someone who’s still going on and on and on about their ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago. Get over it.

IYES however, have something special. They have nailed the direction The xx should have taken. Glow, is one of the most brilliant songs of 2013 and I was lucky enough to see Melis Soyaslanova and Josh Christopher play it live at The Great Escape last week. Yup, these guys do uplifting, shimmering stuff and as well as the soul searching, tear jerking stuff.

This Brighton duo are talented beyond their own self-belief. I watched them play an essentially acoustic set at TGE as their kit failed and they had no backing track. The looks on their faces said they were hating it, but they sounded just as good with a huge part of their tracks missing. Some artists would have given up, but IYES had the balls to continue.

Perhaps their solid vocals is the secret behind their success  Melis has a stunning voice that suits her beautiful face, and when Josh joins in – woah, this man can belt out some serious notes! Pretty sure their epic-pop will become damn popular outside of the blogosphere this year.

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