Ital Tek – Pixel Haze


Ital Tek has been slicing and dicing beats for a while now and Pixel Haze is featured on his fourth release, Nebula Dance, for Planet MU Records.

Like a mad scientist, Ital Tek (aka Alan Myson) measures every beat and sound precisely as a reaction to, or, interaction with another. Differing from his previous work, Nebula Dance (from which this track is from) is like a musical essay, and constructed in response to the world’s indulgent consumption of Dubstep and Drum n Bass. His response flips the foundations of the deeper genres on their heads with the inclusion of a faster paced, intricately timed tempo and more melodic focus.

Pixel Haze is a silvery spiders web of sound, a recipe of perfectly blended futuristic dub, footwork and jungle beats splayed with flashes of higher pitched almost wooden sounding treble notes. If you need a soundtrack to your next jungle waltz, fire-walking ceremony or Wiccan induction session Pixel Haze is your tune. Download the Nebula Dance EP here.

Words – The Other Jess

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