Insightful – Lips


This is tantric song writing at its finest.

When I first discovered Insightful, a producer from California, he almost had me in tears with his beautiful track, Secure. But he isn’t predictable; he makes electronic music full stop. Not electronic music that fits under one particular umbrella. Dance in the rain, right?

With Lips, his aim is clear. Seduction.  Aiming for your libido, Insightful has become a master in creating music that builds into a frenetic mass of sounds, senses and feelings. Let’s call it tantric-glitch. Lips takes you to the brink again and again with its layers of teasing vocals, and synths building in volume and pressure. Tissues required for this one. (Or maybe not, if you’re a tantric master)

No release date on the new album, Elsewhere, but we’ll let you know!


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  1. themissinglinka says:

    Thanks, dig it!!

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