Hux Capacitor – Vol.2


Hux Capacitor’s Vol_2 is the latest sonic concoction forged by Sydney musician Matthew Huxley. Aside from this musical project, Huxley has been lambasting eardrums and melting faces as half of the sample­heavy grindcore duo thedowngoing.

According to his Bandcamp page, Hux Capacitor makes “hip-hop (future) beats for the ADHD generation with outsider influenced sample selection littered with pop-culture references.”

Part of the enjoyment of these J Dilla-esque beats is trying to discern where the samples originally came from. Can you, for example, figure out which song by Weezer is reworked in the track g!rls? Nevertheless, you’ll quickly catch the range of musical influences thrown into Hux Capacitor’s thick and bubbly thought cauldron, then carefully blended into scrumptious, bite-sized beats for your listening pleasure.

Vol_2 of Hux Capacitor is out now. Grab Vol_1 here.

Words by Iain Murray

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