Hein – Eyelids (Yahtzel remix)


When I listen to Eyelids I imagine myself free-falling slow motion down a large waterfall. Almost like an elated leap of faith from apex to the depths of the river floor. No rational for risk or safety and completely immersing into dropping elements along the way.

Yahtzel illustrates such a dark euphoria with his remix of Eyelids. The thick progression of ambient mist gradually suffocates as it expands to a powerful rush. The slowed tempo makes for an eerie tranquility which also proves difficult to attach an emotion to this track. The mood is neither happy nor sad or confused, but more an ecstatic state of being neutral.

Hien’s original version of Eyelids is beautiful, both lyrically and musically. It’s not as over welling as the Yahtzel remix. This is a simple acoustic number about love and infatuation, minus the over populating synth orgy. It is ideal for summer days, road trips and cheeky mixtapes to your secret admirer.

Hien and Yahtzel are two young music makers stamping there claim on the Australian music scene in the TripleJ Unearthed comp. Keep a close eye on both of these fellas as I have an inkling that they are due for some exposure in the coming years. Both versions deserve a place in your iTunes selection. You can grab Yahtzel’s free download here and you can purchase Hien’s Album The Corroded Rose here.

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