Ghostpoet – Meltdown (Squarepusher and Ghostpoet version)

Ghostpoet Meltdown

Tricky is weeping somewhere right now. He must be. Ghostpoet took his essence and created an epic. Now this song is sending fireworks into the galaxy of anyone who hears it. I just cannot comprehend a song that has such a mind-blowingly controlled mix of sexiness, power, and melody. It’s electronic smack.

Proving that London stands tall among producers, Ghostpoet steps out from the pack with this incredible track. That beautiful keyboard line that underpins the spontaneous synth trills and almighty electro fields that explode outwards and then reign in. It is so varied yet so assured. He sings ‘this time I’ve got a following” and so he damn well should. A big one.

Ghostpoet’s sophomore album Some Say I So I Say Light is due out on May 6th and I plan to own it on May 6th and no goddamn later.

I like the above version infinitely more than the original, which you can check out in the official video below.


Words by Katie Mayors

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