Freddy Todd – Delic Licious


Earlier this week my personal Facebook account was hacked by a friend who thought it would be hilarious to let the public know that I was “touching my robot vagina”. I laughed it off, continued to trawl the internet for a song to review, then came this bad boy. With my mind still struggling with the practicality of robotic masturbation, it provided the perfect ambient mood music to justify such an occurrence.

If such a thing exists, Delic Licious is exactly that, an androids wet dream. It is a confusing blend strangely jazzy glitch arrangement over the top of a smooth soulful melody. It processes through various genres and marrying them with the most disgustingly, dense, jumpy bass.

Freddy Todd is a Detroit based producer who is best described as laser crunk, funk psychedelic. He places very little regard to maintaining between the boundaries of specific genres, and will even go so far as to amalgamate a reggae hook into a sonic-bass. Delic Licious features on the new EP Moonflavours, and is a free download via bandcamp. Also check out the official website where there are other fantastic freebies.

Words By – Connor Mackay

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