Fimber Bravo – Life After Doomsday


Surviving the apocalypse sounds pretty weird, according to Fimber Bravo. Oh, and the steel drum makes it past the zombies too. Perhaps an army of cockroaches are playing them in Life After Doomsday – out on Moshi Moshi. It’s a strange track, fitting I suppose. The merry steel drums skip happily over a slightly edgy beat and synths with dark, messed-up undertones.  A statement about how we dust over the world’s problems, and choose to ignore the bad stuff that’s lurking behind the beers, holidays and good times.

Fimber Bravo is one of the founding members of the 2oth Century Steel Drum Band and has a rather interesting album, Con-Fusion out next year. There’s a collab on there featuring Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) plus Bravo has been sampled, sliced and diced by many hip-hop artists over the years. He’s a bit of a dude.

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