Eagles For Hands – Hot Telescopic EP

eagles for hands

Just as it would be very hard to eat sweets if your hands were indeed wild birds of prey, it’s hard to pick a favourite from this EP of twisty glitchy treats. As the psychedelic artwork suggests, there’s a lot going down on Hot Telescopic. There’s ideas from opposite spectrums of electronic music here, yet there are no compromise to be found; and as the focus changes depth, you’ll find yourself taken to some very different places.

Not content with conquering the smooth (Toska provides a perfect reason to strip and demand to be devoured), UK producer, Eagles For Hands takes on the rough, and slays it. Sunclap is everything Toska isn’t; as busy a London street in rush hour on fast forward, the layers of the track bump into each other – but they never fall.  And then Holla, different again. A shoulder shrugging, hip wiggler for late night underground dance floors.

Eagles For Hands has many masks, and he wears them all so well. In exchange for your email, you can download the EP here.

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