DJ Koze Amygdala – Nices Wölkchen ft. Apparat


A visually sumptuous fantasy, Nices Wölkchen indulges your senses as it unfurls, like paint melting from a canvas, ink sliding off skin or ice cream melting into puddles. It lingers ambiguously between worlds, like the moment that your mind floats hazily between consciousness and dreaming, unravelling and relaxing gently as it goes.

After a massive 9 year break from producing the ever elusive, often capricious DJ Koze Amygdala has resurfaced without so much as a glance backwards over the seemingly massive musical evolution that the world has undergone in his absence.

To classify  Nices Wölkchen as Techno seems simplistic. The track is a baroque landscape of sound which is subtly inhabited  with nostalgia and charm via a spectrum of themes. Beautifully infused with the casually seductive vocals of Apparat, DJ Koze skilfully softens the track into a glowing blur of sound.

You can download his self titled album via itunes here.

Words – The Other Jess

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