Dive In – Eighteen


You know when you have to wait a year for something? You know, like Christmas? Well Dive In’s made us wait almost eighteen months for their new track which is funnily named Eighteen too. We’re sure it’s not a year and a half prep for April Fools day tomfoolery as what’s on offer is some crisp electronic pop at its best & we’re sure they wanted to share this much faster.

Reasons why we think this is by far the best electronic song you’ll hear being released today:

1. The Chorus – “I can be cold, cold air the breathe / I will be the long lost love of your teens” – That stuff’s infectious. It’s also something to connect to. The other buzz songs of the day isn’t

2. The Drums – Can you hear them? They’re real. The other buzz songs we’ve heard today do not. Real is good, it means you’re unlikely to be disappointed when you see them live.

3. The Vocals – You won’t hear too many people sounding like these guys. There’s a lot of good online acts out there. There’s people that like a certain vocal & go mental following everything like it which is cool. However it’s good to change the record a bit & these guys are instantly recognisable (once you know them) unlike some of the buzz bands we’ve heard online today.

Listen below.

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