Cosmo’s Midnight – Surge EP


Surge is the follow up EP (and track) to Cosmo’s Midnight lush debut, Phantasm. 

Hopes are so often dashed when a new artist releases their first EP. But Sydney duo Cosmo’s Midnight have set a new bench mark in EP standards. No filler, no rush jobs, no fuck-it-lets-pad-it-out-with-this.

Surge is sublime in every possible way.  Deep bass lines guide the way through 4 tracks of majestic bliss. From the mid-tempo grooves of Surge and Phanstasm suitable for kite flying, covetable car driving and underwater snowball fights, to the down-tempo beauty of Lover’s Shadow and Won’t You Stay; which have already made their way onto my sex music playlists.

A must for electronic music lovers. But it here for a name your price download via Yes Please.

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  1. lara says:

    so much love for Cosmo’s Midnight – such a rad vibe!

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