Corbu – Believe The Lie


Remember when the iPhone first launched and everyone had the app that resembled a Tenori-on? The one with the pretty lights in square rows that made you feel like a musical virtuoso for a few seconds. Until the truth dawned and you realised your creation was a load of balls? Well, in Believe The Lie, Corbu have managed to use this tool (or something similar) while masterfully circumnavigating all elements of of the aforementioned balls.

The repetition of these soothing tones feels like being in the never ending tube of a gentle but giant wave. Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time. Despite the electronic nature of Believe The Lie, it feels remarkably human; there are no sharp angels or jarring edges. Swirling synths wrap themselves around vocals, and vocals wrap themselves around beats and bass. The effect is neither dark nor light, but some kind of magical, infinite twilight between the two.

Corbu are a Brooklyn two-piece and are about to release their first EP – a collection of tracks that refuse to fit into one genre box. Pieces of the Corbu jigsaw are scattered, but they come together without the need of glue.


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