Chrome Sparks – Sparks EP

sparks EP

Attention, could all passengers bound for outer-space please make their way to their departure gates? The new Chrome Sparks EP is now ready for boarding. Flight time will be roughly 27 and a half minutes of interplanetary exploration. Please keep your seat beats fastened at all times, in case of unexpected loss of consciousness due to high exposure of aural pleasure…

Ah, Jeremy Malvin, you just don’t stop do you?! Sparks EP is Chrome Sparks’ latest project. After firing some gold dust remixes at us these past few months, he’s released some his own material. Although he doesn’t stray too far from his trademark remix sound – the lush soundscapes that produce goose-pimples // sexual desire – he takes his flight path outside his comfort zone. Luna Luxar is stellar example of this, where as Cosmic Claps Of Love brings out a new side Sparks. Shall we go calling it cosmic-jazz?  Yeah why not. This is a must have EP for electronic beat fiends.

It’s available for a name your price download on his bandcamp.


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