Charlotte OC – Colour My Heart

charlotte oc

It’s hard to keep up with The Next Big Thing these days. The rise of no ones to someones happens almost overnight. Just take at look at the Lorde adverts all over every tube station and billboard. (Nice work, lady)

So here’s the next girl destined for poster glory and a-list radio airplay.  Charlotte OC, a raven-haired, chocolate-voiced beauty from Blackburn is turning the world into luxurious shades of black with Colour My Heart.

I can’t help but think of Stevie Nicks when I hear Charlotte channel her emotions, inner diva and intense passion through her vocal chords. Her voices spill over the piano chords of Colour My Heart like paint made of velvet.  This is a beast of a pop track, and Charlotte OC is surely destined to the beauty of pop in 2014.

Pre-order her EP here.

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