Catching Flies – Stay Forever


Are you finding it hard to construct proper sentences after a big weekend? (Especially if you were at Sonar) Then hit play on the next musical gem from Catching Flies. Like night nurse and valium, it will sooth away your woes.

We featured this London producer last year when he released his debut EP, The Stars. Since then he’s been gathering popularity and tinkering away, creating more music for minds worn out by hedonism.

The Long Journey Home EP  (3 tracks + 2 remixes) may short in duration, but it certainly stretches down-time into something longer, lovelier, more pleasurable. Perfect for those lingering moments when you’re entwined with a lover, and dawn is creeping through the curtains throwing unwanted light on what you wished would last forever under cover of darkness. Pull up the duvet and ignore reality…

Download from the Catching Flies bandcamp.

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