Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru (G.Vump Remix)


What happens when you fuse the 80’s sonic face-melting talents of Guillaume (THE SHOES) with Brodinski’s dark screaming missiles? Answer: Gucci Vump (or G. Vump, Gxxi Vump), yet another dynamic French duo brought to you by Bromance.

G.Vump rarely colour between the lines of specific genres. There songs tend to dance effortlessly across a contrast of influences which complement each other to emphasis the overall structure. Mirror Maru is no different, there are blotches of smooth jazz, future garage, deep trap bass lines and cats. That’s right, cats. Probably the greatest element of this song is the use of Cats Meows to break up verse to chorus – Genius.

You can Purr along by grabbing your copy from Beatport here. Other acts included on the remix EP include: Canblaster, Feads & Kito, Busy P and LidoLido – well worth a listen.

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