Boom Bip & Charlie White – Sabrina


Inventive and educational, Sabrina is a recent track from producers Boom Bip and Charlie White. Boom Bip aka Bryan Charles Hollon is a producer from Ohio who is well known mostly for his instrumentals, collaborations and remixes. A talented musician, he is also well versed in playing a diverse range of instruments, noteably using no samples at all on his Blue Eyed in the Red Room record and opting to play every single instrument himself.

Expressive of Boom Bip’s instrumental dexterity Sabrina is a collaboration with Charlie White that plays out more like a musical qualitative survey. The track is the result of Boom Bip’s experimental collection of work titled Music for Sleeping Children with Charlie White and sees the amalgamation between visual and musical elements that are designed to reflect the research of both artists into the lives of American adolescent lifestyles. Designed to be a sort of collage of tensions, voices and transformations that have emerged from Hollon & White’s research the voice of teenage girl Sabrina is layered on top of the fervent, insistent and fast paced beats of electronica.

The elements of realism fused into the track makes it irrefutably original yet oddly confronting and at times perturbing. Over all though the infectious beat and the hopeful echoing tone of Sabrina brings the track back round to sanguinity making it both captivating and just that little bit magical.

And Sabrina, you needn’t worry, your dreams are now realised, your voice will bounce around the clubs of the world and the minds of Boombip’s fans alike for years to come.

You can download Sabrina for free here or check out the whole Music For Sleeping Children project here. 

Words – The Other Jess

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