Booka Shade – Love Inc.


For many of us there’s pivotal songs for poignant moments;  any one track can be evolutionary, nostalgic, potent or transforming. For me, Booka Shade’s In White Rooms was a catalyst. It was how I finally came to understand  that music can portray multifaceted elements of meaning without lyrics, and, it was the beginning of a serious romance with the intoxicatingly criss crossed genre of Minimal Tech and Deep House.

Love Inc is the first single to be released ahead of the German duo’s highly anticipated 5th album, Eve. Booka almost called it quits after More! so aptly there’s a heavy undercurrent of love and admiration that reflects their reconciliation and runs through the track.

In Love Inc Booka manage to skillfully perpetuate a theme without being invasive or obtuse. Instead of relying on vocals they embed polarized motifs into their music, allowing these to help articulately form potent visuals.

The foundation of the track is sparsely minimal, the rhythm grows and fluctuates like blood running through veins. Grandiose orchestral synths steadily creep in, feeding into the beating heart of Love Inc. Hazy samples from Lil Louis 1992 hit Club Lonely are a homage to the former King of House and the only vocals ‘stay, are you happy?‘ wrap it all up in a package of reverberating fuzzy positivity.

Love Inc is out now via Onelove Recordings and Eve is due for release on the 8th of November, also via Onelove. Til then Booka Shade are playing are rare live set in Sydney on the 26th of October.

Tickets here.

Words – The Other Jess

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