Bo Peep (Do U Right) ft. Jeremih


Dear Shlohmo,

It really pissed me off at SXSW when your set at the Boiler Room started an hour a half late, messing up my schedule and putting me in a right strop. But in light of this hot piece of musical ass, I have decided to forgive everyone involved.

This is the first ‘official’ collab between Shlohmo and Jeremih. Let’s try to think back to Shlohmo’s remix of Fuck You All The Time without having somekind of sexual flash-back//fantasy…..are you with me?  Bo Peep, may be innocently titled, but this type of music is for X-rated activities only. Enough said.

If you’re enough to be in San Fran on 5/6th April, you can check out BOTH of these boys playing together.

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