Beacon – Bring You Back


So we’re all loving the new wave of R&B; classy, high production value beats elevated way above the commercial crap, creating a very powerful and moving genre. And here’s the latest artist to spark our interest in this sleek and sexy classification; Beacon, a Brooklyn duo due to release their debut, The Ways We Separate, on Ghostly at the end of April.

The sexual yet sinister, Bring You Back, is a gorgeous track borrowing elements of bass, electronica and trap-esq high hats and snares. The results are like a rainbow in a stormy sky; something that’s only possible when two opposing forces join together. Filtering negativity from your mind like a rush from good mdma, listening to Beacon is a cathartic process. You’ll feel the cynicism ebb from within, and experience it as it drifts away from you.  Their name may mean light, but to reach them, you must first travel through the hostile darkness.

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