Ballerina Black – Cannot Feel The Reign

ballerina black

Procrastination: a useless hobby we all partake in. Not the case for Ballerina Black and their track Cannot Feel The Reign. With no life jackets on board, Ballerina Blackbird throw you into a deep, synth-ridden, midnight sea and have faith in the fact that you’ll take to their sound like fish in the water. No need for warm ups with this LA 4-piece.

As their name suggests, Ballerina Black are a contradiction. Elegantly juxtaposing melancholy, with beauty and euphoria; a kind of melan-phoria if you will. Dance with all the desire of a first time pill-popper while fat tears of grief roll down your face. They put if perfectly when they say ‘if Nirvana had decided to do covers of the Cure’… Worlds apart from the stereotypical LA sound, Ballerina Black must write and play their music only after the serotonin inducing, Californian sun has gone down – when regret and sorrow lurk in the shadows. Their songs have a haunting sadness that can only be felt under cover of darkness.


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