Baio – Mira


Well fuck me upside down. Australia is finally making the remaining strides towards merging our music landscape with the calibre of our fairy god parents over in big, bad, Europa.

Short of building a really long underwater tunnel, Future Classic have delivered us yet another promising producer who has enough foresight, depth and clarity to get us there, offering Mira as a sonic masterpiece along the way.

Mira is an audio orgasm if ever I’ve had one heard one; it’s rhythmic, dark, perfectly timed, smooth and so perfectly drilled with a bass it blurs into a gorgeous mess of deep house passion.

Baio is Chris Baio from Brooklyn and is otherwise known as the bass player for Vampire Weekend. After remixing New Navy’s Regular Town he caught the attention of Future Classic and is now due to have his EP (also called Mira) released on the label.

Watch this space, Baio will be massive.

Words – The Other Jess

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