Aleos – Moments EP


Whilst wading through emails I admit, when I saw the words LA and hip-hop my gut reaction was to delete. Something held me back, and I’m glad it did. It’s good to be wrong every now and then.

These are the sounds of Aleos, a left-field, glitchy beat maker who grew up on the sunny coast of America. His EP speaks to me. And it definitely doesn’t say this is rushed shit I made in my bedroom, like much of the electronic stuff around today. No, this EP is of a totally different calibre. A language of electronic colloquialisms, soft accents and harmonious tones so soothing I want them to read me bedtime stories.

Aleos (aka Leo Shulman) was born in the UK and started playing the guitar as a kid, and at 17 he began producing. Now  studying jazz guitar in New York at 21, this is his debut. And I only wish I could shake his hand to congratulate him.

Moments speaks of memories, of emotions, of longing. It’s clear Shulman meticulously studies his work to point of perfectionism. Which in this case, is neither negative nor boring. It’s merely a necessity to complete something so heavily textured.

Finely chiselled and gleaming, Moments could have been crafted by a jewellery maker, used to handling tiny, precious gem stones and monocles.  Things You See and Lonely, are like listening to liquid diamonds being poured into an over sized crystal wine glass. The black sheep on the release, Something, is a little taste of the dark side of his artistry. A side I hope he explores next.

With no loose ends to tie, Moments is every bit the product of a producer with focussed determination and total control over  his tools.  Although you can hear his influences (this EP would sit nicely in the Brainfeeder catalogue), at no point do Shulman’s ideas sound recycled or borrowed.

This is an artist who believes in himself, and once you’ve given this a spin, you will too.

Buy Moments it for a name your price on his Bandcamp.



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