A Mix On Repeat #3

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Happy Sunday, Planet Earth.  Hear’s a few songs we’ve been playing over the weekend on repeat.

Sleigh Bells – That Did It (Feat. Tink)

Sleigh Bells are usually rather angular, packed with killer guitar shreds & energy in abundance.  That Did It featuring rapper Tink definitely feels like a Sleigh Bells song but is a bit flat in places compared the killer debut & sophomore record tracklists.

Leo Stannard – Please Start

Leo Stannard is still in his teens & writing songs that can hit that commercial folk world perfectly.  The online material has cool electronic production to bend the genre a bit, and the box feels different enough to give him a real shot.  We’re digging!

J Tropic X Alyss – September

This Earth, Wind and Fire‘s cover of September by J Tropic is great. He’s now revealed his vocalist for this & two of his previous tracks (Love Up, Who U Are.)   The Brighton-based, mystery producer has given this a 2015 (yep, next year) sound.

Yellerkin – Tools (Louis The Child Remix)

Tools is such a great song.  Yellerkin are such a great band. Louis The Child is such a good remixer. This is remix is great. It’s Caribbean steel drum insertion has injected a playful feel to add cheer & heat to the planet as in gets cold in the northern hemisphere.

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