Wasted Nights – Palm

wasted nights

Don’t adjust the dial. You’ll want to stick around for this. Here is a lesson in evolution…

First time around the 80s were pretty dire, let’s be honest.

But oh, how the divas of previous decades would be bloody loving Palm. Bit of sax, stuttering beats, proper old skool drums, synthy stabs, fader games. It makes me wish I had been a teenager rather than a kid in the 80s.

Wasted Nights is a new producer from Italy, bringing with him some of that famous Italian style. The cringe factor of the 80s has been obliterated by Wasted Nights’ evolved mind. It’s 80s disco, sans the bad outfits and shame. More please.


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  1. Nick Cooke says:

    This is dope. Like living in Vice City!

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