Super Magic Hats – Wind


Winds is what it would sound like if everything good in the world got swept up into a mini cyclone, whirring around collecting rays of sun, fistfuls of glitter, smiles, sugar and spice and all things nice. You can’t help but feel the wave of positivity wash over you when you listen to this track. The structure of the tune feels a bit cyclonic too, it’s a got a distinctive fuzziness to it and the layers slide in cyclically, looping upon each other in a happy frenzy.

Super Magic Hats is the Melbourne based electronic artist Rob Masterton who uses his boundary pushing music style to create unique, yet, blissfully unassuming tunes that are a reminder that’s there’s so much beauty in simplicity. With a sound similar to Four Tet (or as a closer to home reference point: Naysayer & Gilsun) Masterton is at the forefront of Australian musicians pioneering the multi textured, multi faceted electronica landscape.

Perfect as a summer soundtrack for long hot afternoons spent wading in paddling pools, drinking magic punch and making plans to take over the world!

Available via Bandcamp as a name your price download. Here.

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