Squabz – Mike Tyson


In case you didn’t know, a Squab is a baby pigeon…usually a fat, fluffy one that  only drinks milk and is intended to be sliced into juicy pigeon steaks. Yum.

Aside from that though, Squabz are Mitchell Allen and Xavier Fijac, a Sydney duo who integrate elements of rnb, chillwave and electronica to create tracks that ooze that sexy, sassy, down-tempo ambivalent sound that we’re all infatuated with at the moment.

Mike Tyson (can’t even pretend to know the genesis of that one) is their first release and features samples from the Snoop Dogg epic, Beautiful. Risky move. But the infamous track is elegantly slowed down, interwoven with some smooth electronica and spoon fed fat chillwave vibes. Lovely.

You can download it for free, along with some of their other genre-experimental tracks here.

Words – The Other Jess

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