Sable – Haku


Haku swims into your mind, sensually sliding, rippling and reverberating with such blissful ease and fluidity. As it cheekily beckons you down a dimly lit, ragged path the enchanting noise of fluttering wind chimes gives way to a dusky opening. Bathed in sumptuous, flickering candle light the cavernous space folds into a  depth of velvety electronica and a robust oriental beat that slithers around deeper instrumentals.

Sable, aka John Dewhurst from Perth is (another) fresh Australian producer that I really want to give a high five to simply for the way the quality of his music lifts the credibility of Australian music as a whole. The elegance with which he layers his sounds is vastly contrasting at times but seamlessly interwoven and always a pleasure to hear. Throughout his debut EP Off My Mind Sable creates musical synergy with a spectrum of sounds; glitchy, deep echoing vocals, oriental instrumentals, chimes and resounding steel drums and although he leaves his signature etched on all of his tracks they are never tarnished with the strain of monotony. With a heavy focus on instrumentals and depthly shimmering synths Sable’s sound is reminiscent of  a mixture of Bonobo, Taku and Shlohmo.

You can download his EP via bandcamp here.

Words – The Other Jess

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