MR.CAR/\\ACK – Gibberish


This track was originally uploaded under the band title Grpdvsllc & Co, which confused the balls out of me. There was nothing on who they were, no background to the (assumed) collaboration, no links to facebook or any social media medium, literally nothing – well no there was something; they might be from United Stated.

After a tiny bit of internet stalking, turns out Grpdvsllc & Co was actually an alias of MR.CAR/\\ACK (Aaron Carmack), hailing from paradise itself – Hawaii. MR.CAR/\\ACK is no stranger to a bit of diversity, getting his hands dirty with a healthy portion of grimey bass, trap, step, and infusions of mixed ambience.

Gibberish is a smoothed jazzy groove complimented by light xylophonic keys and a driving hip hop thud. The vocals gently tremble in anguish suggesting a very real pain behind the phrases sung. His annunciation subtly rises and falls in a swelling convulsion of emotion, almost as if to imitate the heart murmurs and stuttered breathing as consequence of isolated distress.

Not entirely sure what the action is on this track thus far however you can get your hands on some of Mr Carmack’s other Vibes here.

Words By – Connor Mackay

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