Maison – No Limerence


The average 14 year old boy is (from what I remember) pretty useless. Concerned mostly by staring at titties and playing with footballs, they are not the most productive species. Which is why this bedroom producer from the states, Maison, deserves some attention: he has not been frittering his mind away on teenage crap. He’s been busy making beats.

Maison only started releasing his stuff online a couple of months ago and already has a prolific and impressive assortment of chillwave and hip hop sounds to his name. In fact, new tracks have been popping up on a daily basis. And they’re goooooooooooood. He’s even had a crack at remixing Foals  and Burial with delightful results. Skills AND taste at 14? Top marks, kid.

Words – Iain Murray

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