L D R U – You Got To Realise


If you weren’t already convinced about genre hybridity taking over the music world in some sort multi-dimensional genre renaming, rebirthing and finger fucking dance off ceremony then you should probably re-consult your crystal ball.

Case in point; L D R U is Trap meets Electronica meets low fi meets, dub, chill, funk and minimal tech in some sort of gorgeously chaotic orgy of sound. L D R U’s tunes sound like the rainbow children of the Mad Decent family and the Flume, Taku, Shlohmo & Chet Faker movement. Half vivacious, quirky and eclectic and half subtley smooth and inherently lo-fi L D R U’s use of syncopated rhythmic styles keep his music fresh and fluid.

L D R U is Sydney based whippersnapper Drew Carmody who is evidently already an influential prescence on the Australian music landscape. His single, The Tropics is due for release under heavyweight Future Classic label very soon.

Until then you can download some of his tunes for free via Triple J Unearthed here.

Alternatively, he’s also playing tonight at Chinese Laundry in Sydney.

Words – The Other Jess

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