Kyson – Ocean Tides


Ocean Tides is nothing short of divine. It sounds like an antique record being played, a dusty jewellery box being opened and magic carpet ride through the multicoloured landscapes of the world. Classified as Chilled Electronica the overall sound of this tune is undeniably serene, but at the tender age of 24, Kyson brings an unsurpassed focus to his music which materializes in a unique richness of sound. Clearly an artist who values a connection with his music the Australian born, Berlin based producer, Jian Kellet Liew, uses Electronic music as a platform to explore and express his musical experience and emotions.

Ocean Tides is layers of abstract sounds; falling rain, whispering trees and chattering voices, combined with warped synths, touches of electronic keys and punctuated with reverberating vocals. Together these elements dance, lift and eventually fall perfectly into step with one another.

Blackstone is Kyson’s second EP and was recently released under the Moongadget Records label. With a ludicrous amount of talent and passion to match Kyson is undoubtedly set for Bon Iver flavoured success.

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