Jaiprime – Summer Daze


Summer Daze is like the metaphorical song version of a treasure chest. Stick your hand in and you don’t know quite what you’ll pull out. Producer Jaiprime claims that the oddly tweaked notes are so because he recorded his EP in an igloo. True or not, his sound does have an undeniable resonating, esoteric value to it. The slinky electronic ambience is splintered with subtle bass that softly drips with a promising optimism. As you audibly sift through Jaiprime’s collage of sounds you’re enveloped by a sense of gorgeous ambiguity and pivotal innovativeness, both perfectly display the layers of skill and depth of passion of its production.

Jaiprime is Jaimie Stewart, a young producer from Canada, whose focus is on producing euphoric electronica and short films.  His debut EP Colours is available for free download here.

Words – The Other Jess

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