Autre Ne Veut – Play By Play


Despite breaking my heart, this track also makes me want to strip naked, cover myself in oil, roll around in masses of silver glitter and parade myself around like Queen of the Mardi Gras. A strange mix of emotions, Autre Ne Veut’s latest single is so damn good it’s burning a hole in my headphones. Eminently honest, Play By Play, hits the bulls eye of true colours.

There’s no rush, the track takes it’s time, yet a sense urgency shines through stronger than sunrise over the ice caps. Anthemic in size and orgasmic in sound. A sincere pleading so raw – never leave me – it connects on an unconscious level. We are drawn to authentic, no bull-shit people, which is why Autre Ne Veut (aka Arthur Ashin) will make you feel like you’ve found a new friend. Representing truth in nu-R&B; something that is inherently absent in the ‘popular’ stuff.  Brooklynite, Ashin is not afraid of the truth; his new record Anxiety, out now on Software, explores this.

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