❣ Jaaska ❣ – Midnight Heroes


Once, when I’d taken too much MDMA, (or the right amount depending on how you see it) I was seeing everything in 2 second flashes, colour dripping from the lenses of my eyes like treacle.  I was literally bouncing in slow motion across the dance floor – a human beach ball – with a smile on my face that I can only imagine made me look like a crazed lunatic. My point is, this track evokes that memory of being exceptionally, fan-fucking-tastically high.

Jaaska is a producer from Brooklyn, Mars. He makes you feel hyper aware of your senses when you tune into his galactic beats. He samples like The Avalanches and has an imagination like Hunter S. Thompson on a particularly fervent drug binge.  His soundcloud is one of the most entertaining I’ve come across in while. Currently unsigned, but surely not for very long. Fans of glitch, chillwave and general experimental shit need to hear this stuff.

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