Two Fingers – Sweden


This is a post-apocalyptic swamp monster. A great, angry beast, stomping its way through thick, filthy, knee-deep mud. Oversized, snarling, and sinking deeper into the toxic dirt with each earth shattering step, this brute destroys everything in its path. Wholly unsuitable for mothers, children, nice girls, virgins and general do-gooders. Only the nasty need apply.

The latest from Two Fingers – one of which is the legendary beat-twister, Amon Tobin, and the other, Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman – Sweden, is out on Big Dada Sound. Together they make a deadly team ready to tackle (or create) doomsday.  Mushroom clouds, annihilation  obliteration. This is one messed-up world that Two Fingers dwell in. If ever an intrumental track needed a parental warning, it’s now.

If you’re still alive, buy it in the Ninja shop.


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