G Jones – Mirage EP


Future beats at their finest. G Jones is a bass music producer from Santa Cruz.  His sounds are on the serious side of wonky and dark enough to make you look over your shoulder at night. Not scared of genre hopping, his style has something for every kind of bass addict.  He’s just released an EP, Mirage, which you can download from saturaterecords.com. Definitely worth a spin; the remixes are epic! A Russian dude – Pixelord – has put his stamp on Drift; calling it a ‘romantic’ remix. It’s not on the release as it’s a newbie. I guess because he’s whacked a load of melodic, phased in and out synths over the top. If you’re still still on a trap-tip like me, check out the Trapmaster’s remix of N Judah.  And as for the Subp Yao Remix of Alias…..Fucking brilliant.

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