Shunya – Akashic Record Store


Initially when you hear Shunya’s music you’ll probably wonder if you’ve accidentally tuned into Hindi radio or wandered off the beaten track and stumbled upon a hidden oriental temple.

Akashic Record Store is an intense sonic melting pot of exotic, diverse and eccentric sounds. There’s off kilter break beats, scattered vocals, soaring pan pipes, some clunky synths and a heavy dose of chanting. Guest rapping from Melbourne based MC, Elf Tranzporter gives it a definite M.I.A Galang vibe too.

Shunya aka Balvinder Singh is clearly a multi faceted producer. With a background in classical music and a love of producing electronica he is deeply embedded in his music; attributing Akashic Record Store to the conceptualization of ‘the gathering of all knowledge and consciousness which comes into existence like a wave’.

Whether you agree with that or not its definitely further proof that the depth and diversity of Australian music is blossoming.

Download his music free, here. 

Words – The Other Jess

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