Pond – Giant Tortoise


At Splendour in the Grass last year, I sauntered over to get a glimpse of Pond, a band being hyped by an impressed music press (NME referred to them as “…the best band of all time, ever”), seemingly not just because it consisted of members from Tame Impala, but probably just because it consisted of members of Tame Impala, or so I thought as I wandered closer to the stage.

And over the next, say, 40 minutes of their set, the kind of giddy rising excitement one may get from, say, drugs (I was sober at the time), started to tingle to the surface of my skin. Even the incredibly energetic psychedelic magic sounds that were emanating from the stage aside, one of the features of the show was the optic magnetism that took place once Nick Allbrook took centre stage.

He appeared to be drinking cough syrup on stage. His boy-like frame stumbled. His orange-ish dye job hair jittered as he did. He drank more from the little medicine bottle. His eyes rolled. And through all this, he still managed (on guitar, keys and vocals) to sound stellar. I remember thinking ‘this is what watching Sid Vicious would have been like’.

So despite Pond also producing (perhaps more raw) psychedelic music, and despite there being less new influences than staple ones (Pond consists of Allbrook, Kevin Parker and Jay Watson of Tame Impala in addition to Jamie Terry of the Silents and Joseph Ryan of Mink Mussel Creek), the dynamic had changed. It felt like a fresh band.

Their brand new track Giant Tortoise proves that they have much left to give (that is, if you can improve on the being the “best band of all time, ever”).

The track jumps into being with the multiple-guitar laden sound we have grown to love (or re-love for those who believe the sound has re-emerged from the 70s), and peters into a spacey bass comedown interlude before firing up a distorted rock n’ roll riff.

Basically, I fucking love this track. It excites me – in all the good ways.

Oh, and did I mention I’m seeing them tomorrow at St Jerome’s Laneway festival?

Grab a free download of the song at Pondband.com

Words by Katie Mayors

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