Los Tones – Buchanan Hammer


Buchanan Hammer is the musical epitome of guilty pleasure. A gorgeous mess of sound, the track wears itself on your face in the form of a cheeky glint in the eye and a smirk of the lip. It’s mischievous chaos manifests itself in a pure malevolence that melts into your mind and trickles down your skull.

The 1960’s inspired garage-rock grittiness of Los Tones is like a box of photographs dumped on the inside of your eyelids, haphazardly strewn across your consciousness, riddled with blanks as you struggle to recall the precise moment that your sanity unravelled. Like an assault on your inner vision a collage of vivid images clash, blur and splinter… gratuitous nudity, lemon wet skin, free lovin’ swampy surf vibes, souls dampened with debauchery, nipples encrusted with salt, a  tequila rinsed den of inequity, Hawaiian print shirts smeared with sweat, belligerent desire thinly disguised as romance and glistening tabasco heavy tongues.

Buchanan Hammer is so distinctively and unapologetically steeped in impenetrable attitude that you can’t help but like it.The vocals flicker between brazenly unique and thrashed red-raw while the acoustics are heaving with a dynamism rooted in 1960’s garage rock. The multifaceted sound of Los Tones, is attributed to the cumulative talent of four Sydney based lads from varying music backgrounds: there’s Nick, Shaun from La Mancha Negra, Bodie from Mother & Son and Leigh from Glitter Canyon. You can download their charmingly addictive track here.

Los Tones are also playing in Sydney on Saturday the 6th of April at Oxford Arts Factory.

Words – The Other Jess

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